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Valley Christian Academy

Valley Christian Academy is a home/school bridge program which aims to equip and empower students to fulfill their purpose in Christ within a structured educational environment that values:

a biblical worldview, the presence and nature of God, and deep family partnership.

Our heart is to guide children into knowing who they are in Christ, for them to experience His love, and to walk in their God given destinies!

Curriculum & Supplies

At VCA, one of our primary goals is to remove barriers that stand between your family and a quality, Christian education for your children. And we understand, for some families, taking the first step toward homeschooling feels like a mountain to climb. As such, it is our pleasure to guide you through the process of purchasing and preparing curriculum & supplies. We can also help you navigate the vast resources that are available to homeschooling families in our area, such as Tech Trep ( and Harmony Education ( Most of the curriculum we have chosen compliments these programs and is fully reimbursable, helping to offset the cost of tuition. Curious to know more? Give us a call! 208-425-6929

Christian Education Fee

1st child - $280/mo

2nd child - $250/mo

3rd child - $210/mo

4th child - $160/mo

5+ children - $100/mo each

What curriculum do you use?

All About Spelling, All About Reading, Math-U-See, Apologia, Explode the Code, Draw Write Now, Pentime, and more. View full curriculum here.


How much homework will there be on Mondays and Fridays?

Homework for Mondays and Fridays is sent home with students each Thursday. Recommended at-home work time for each grade level are as follows:

• Kindergarten 30 min

• First Grade 1-1.5 hrs

• Second & Third Grade 2-3 hrs

• Fourth-Sixth Grade 2.5-4 hrs

Does tuition cover curriculum and supplies?

The Christian Education Fee does not include the cost of curriculum and supplies. Please review the curriculum here and purchase all necessary items prior to the first day of school.

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