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Our vision for Valley Church is to create a training center with the focus of equipping and empowering you to fulfill your purpose in Christ. VSSM has programs in place to systematically accomplish this vision.

VSSM is going to provide you with an incredible opportunity to receive specialized training and activation. This school will equip and ready you for the calling God has placed on your life! Prepare yourself for such a time as this.

As in Matthew 16:3, we are instructed to discern times. It is time to return to the power and authority that is established by tapping into the supernatural realm: The Kingdom Realm. Jesus says in Mark 1:15, “the kingdom of God is at hand.” He prayed to the Father in Matthew 6:10, “thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

VSSM will not only teach you the Bible, but will teach you kingdom principles and propel you in the authority promised to those who love and obey Jesus. Jesus taught His followers by word and actions and His disciples were constantly involved by preaching the Gospel, healing the sick, and casting out demons. They took action by taking the Good News wherever they went & watched Heaven invade earth.

 We believe we owe the world an encounter with Jesus. In VSSM you will learn the love of the Father and how to walk in your true identity as a loved child of God.

VSSM is an affiliate of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and offers the same two year courses through Video Streaming to your smart device. VSSM classes are designed for activation, discussion, and applying the lessons learned in a safe environment. Our Saturday classes emphasize equipping you in the prophetic and evangelism.


It's not too late to apply. Click below for the current VSSM Application. 

Want to experience VSSM for yourself? Click below to make a request to audit a class. 

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