Welcome to Valley Church Adult Ministries!

Geared towards the entire church body, everyone is welcome and invited to the adult events. This includes Sunday Morning Services, Wednesday Evening Classes and Fellowship, Special Events, Retreats, church sponsored team Sports and Family Camp. Some of the special events we encourage our body to participate in include: National Day of Prayer, local festivals, community events, outreach ministries, Men’s & Women’s retreats and conferences, and many other wonderful activities.

Becoming involved in a local church is so very important to each and every person, including yourself and your loved ones. Attending church services and activities is vital to your spiritual, mental, and physical health. Having a church family that you are engaged with is much like having a loving, super-supportive extended family. The Bible tells us in 2 Thessalonians 1:3, we are bound to always give thanks to God for you, brothers, even as it is appropriate, because your faith grows exceedingly, and the love of each and every one of you towards one another abounds. Let us continue to thank God for each other and allow our love for one another to continually abound.

Everyone is invited to visit Valley Church and its diverse group of believers! Welcome to the House is our Sunday morning theme for a reason: We welcome you to God’s house and pray you will experience the love of God through our Worship, Message, and through our Hospitality to you!

Opportunities for Involvement: 

​Wednesday Nights

Equip & Empower Hour offers class options in the areas of parenting, prophecy, victorious living, and church life & government and in-depth Bible Studies. There are also classes for children.


Men’s Ministry

The purpose of Valley Church’s Men’s Ministry is to build unity through evangelism and fellowship and encourage men to take their role in the Body of Christ. We desire to become better fathers, husbands, friends, and ministers of the Lord. The men’s ministry groups meet monthly for prayer and fellowship. Our goal is to help men transfer biblical truth into action by providing the necessary environment for them to make and keep their promises to their families, friends, community, and Jesus Christ.


Women's Ministry

All ladies are invited and encouraged to participate in Valley Women's Ministry. Special events, Conferences and our Valley Sisterhood Book Groups occur throughout the year. Connecting with each other allows us, as women, to create a network; because we're better together.



One of the primary reasons that God does not take us to heaven the moment we get saved is to allow us to share the "Good News" with others. He has simply asked us to shine forth His love in a darkened world. Since a church is planted in a community, we need to connect with and involve ourselves in our community, thus building relationships and gaining the same reputation that Christ had where the common people heard him gladly. At Valley Church, our goal is that every Christian will manifest the love of God and reach out to those around them and thus fulfill the great commission.


Silver Eagles

Valley Church is proud to offer the Silver Eagles group which ministers to our 55 years and older crowd. Norman & Ruby Rutzen lead this group with a fun outlook, youthful attitude, and a love for the elder folks. There is always something new being cooked up especially for the Silver Eagles. Activities such as banquets, train rides, day trips, and other special events are just a few of the exciting events in store for you when you participate. Also, Game Day is every Thursday at 10 am in the Hospitality room. This is a great opportunity for people of 55+ to fellowship, form new friendships, and feed their fun sides.